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    Activated Carbon PM2.5 Filters


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    Stay fully protected with these 5-layer disposable PM2.5 activated carbon filters. Compatible with all masks that have inner filter pockets.

    Includes 2 layers of wicking cloth, 1 particle cloth, 1 high efficiency cloth and 1 activated carbon filter in each. Replace every 3-7 days dependent on use. Filter darkens so you know when to replace. It's like a having a fresh mask daily. Stack up on these for max protection.

    * Filters down to 0.03 micron to PM2.5 size particles
    * 5-Layer Activated Carbon Filters
    * Anti-Static, Anti-Moisture, Anti-Odor
    * Dimensions: 4.75" x 3.25"
    * Compatible with all masks with filter pockets

    * SAME DAY SHIPPING! (Orders placed by 3pm EST)
    * $3.95 Flat Rate Shipping USPS First Class
    * Shipping to all 50 US States + Puerto Rico, Guam & all US Territories

    * Remove Filters Before Washing Your Mask
    * Lasts 3-7 days Dependent on Pollution Level
    * Replace Frequently for Best Filtration