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    Grey Neck Gaiter with Filter

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    These are not your ordinary neck gaiters, neck fleeces or neck tubes... These provide REAL protection with a built-in inner filter pocket with (1) replaceable 5-layer PM2.5 carbon filter 🔒

    Made of a super soft nylon-polyester wicking material that helps reduce moisture & microbial growth. Great hands free way to strap up with ease, eliminating the need to carry a mask in your pocket, hand or book bag!! 😀


    * Includes (1) Neck Gaiter + (1) Filter
    * Fabric: Nylon/Polyester Microblend

    * Moisture Wicking Materials

    * Lightweight, Cooling & Breathable

    * Built-In Filter Pocket

    * Includes (1) 5-layer PM2.5 Carbon Filter

    * Size & Gender: Adults Unisex

    * Washable, Reusable, Breathable

    * Individual Sanitary Packaging


    * SAME DAY SHIPPING! (Orders placed by 3pm EST)

    * $3.95 Flat Rate Shipping USPS First Class

    * Shipping to all 50 US States + Puerto Rico, Guam & all US Territories


    * Wash Mask by Soaking in Warm Water

    * Use Mild Detergent, Rinse & Air Dry

    * This is not a medical-grade mask or replacement for medical-grade personal protective equipment. It's not intended for use in a medical setting & is not an FDA approved product.