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    Rhinestone Bling Face Mask

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    Get ya shine on with these Blinged out Face Masks. Perfect for weddings, cookouts, parties or if you just feel like bringing the bling. Finely crafted 100% cotton that's washable, reusable and looks damn GOOD!!!

    * Rhinestone Face Mask
    * Adjustable Elastic Ear Loops for Ultra-Comfort
    * Durable Washable Reusable Mask
    * Size & Gender: Adult Unisex
    * Fabric: 100% Cotton

    * Orders placed by 3pm EST, ship SAME DAY!
    * Ships USPS First Class in Premium Packaging
    * $3.95 Flat Shipping no matter how much you buy!
    * Shipping to all 50 US States + Puerto Rico, Guam & all US Territories

    * Wash Mask by Soaking in Warm Water
    * Use Mild Detergent, Rinse & Air Dry
    * Filter Lifespan: Replace every 2-7 days dependent on use

    * This is not a medical-grade mask or replacement for medical-grade personal protective equipment. It's not intended for use in a medical setting & is not an FDA approved product.